First Focus

This Managed Service Provider was in need of someone to take ownership of their content marketing. Starting out with the basics (article, case studies, social media), we were able to grow the content marketing team to encompass client newsletters, educational webinars, and drip-fed contact eDM campaigns.


As the content specialist, I was responsible for content ideation and research, drafting and proofing, as well as advancing new an innovative ideas for our content marketing calendar. I mentored staff looking to improve their communication skills, hosted webinars on creative processes, and sought to guide the company branding in a way that helped it stand out from traditional MSPs.

The result

The result? First Focus has won the CRN Impact Icon and Fast50 award, and been cited as the Best MSP in Australia by Cloudtango.

As the content team lead, I wore many hats. I was responsible for everything from concept ideation and drafting through to proofing and reporting. I drew cartoons, edited videos, and worked directly with clients and agency professionals to ensure content matched the audience and produced results.


Below are some examples of the types of marketing content produced for First Focus.

Client: First Focus



  • concept creation
  • content development process
  • content refresh process
  • content proofing
  • content structure
  • content templates
  • copy drafting
  • copy editing
  • copy proofing
  • industry research
  • lead generation planning


  • complete content audit process
  • content development templates
  • eDM campaign sequences
  • full content production process
  • proofing/editing guidelines
  • tone of voice documents