Wedding Speeches HQ

Can you engage with a highly focused market?

YES! Just use targeted copy!

Wedding Speeches HQ offers a range of highly focused ebooks aimed at helping members of the bridal party make their most of the spotlight. They do this by giving their customers proven speech-writing templates, along with tips and tricks that makes drafting a wedding speech a breeze.

But with such a highly focused target audience, how can you reach out to the people you know want to buy?

By zooming in on the individuals behind the purchase decision. Together, we looked at the pain points we knew each target customer experienced. Then we developed individual sales pages that made it clear how the books solved their issues, and crushed any barriers to the purchase decision.

The result? Together with a code revamp, the landing pages now read as single-form sales letters that deliver better conversion opportunities.

Client: Wedding Speeches HQ



  • branding
  • concept creation
  • content structure
  • content proofing
  • copy drafting
  • copy editing
  • page layout
  • industry research