Love Agency

Watch closely now.

We’re about to rewrite history.

Love Agency Logo Screen

Love Agency is a boutique that used to specialise in mobile-app development. But now the agency offers full-service campaign management – and they wanted their site to reflect this transition towards a true digital agency.

As an integral part of their branding process, their lead designer insisted on employing a copywriter at the design stage – as both design and copy must work in harmony. I think this is a very wise insight, but I’m biased.

I was contracted to work with Love Agency to help refine their content vision for their new website. The project involved several interviews with key staff members, research into competitive practices, branding sessions, and copywriting.

The result? A clean, powerful message that resonated across all site content, and a structured platform that allowed Love Agency to draft additional content as required – with or without further assistance.

Love Agency has recently been bought out by KPMG.

Client: Love Agency


  • brand concept creation
  • content structure
  • copy drafting, proofing, editing


  • full site structure
  • branded body copy
  • URLs, SEO metadata