Referral Focus

This is boutique B2B solution marketing done right.

And it’s a process that builds a selling pint that’s hard to beat!

Referral Focus is a referral generation service that helps realtors source sales. Sounds simple? It isn’t. And explaining the need to a busy audience doubles the trouble.

The founder and CEO new they needed a sound concept. They understood the importance of getting their message right from the start. So they sought a concept manager and copywriter who could give them the content and background they needed.

And what a challenge it was! A niche audience with limited time, and a market full of competitors promising the answer. With rounds of fruitful meetings, the team behind Referral Focus was able to provide the insight needed to build a concept that resonated with their target audience.

The result? A strong marketing message that broadcasts loud and clear across a wide range of channels – websites, white papers, eDM campaigns and more. With all content provided by yours truly



Client: Referral Focus



  •  body copy
  •  branding
  • concept creation and research
  • content structure
  • copywriting
  • EDM drafting
  • page layout page layout
  • headings
  • SEO