Enlightened Capitalist

How to build a movement that matters. Selling an ideal, not just increased profits. Enlightened Capitalist is a training organisation dedicated to enabling it’s members to grow profits while helping themselves and those around them. Its founder had a grand vision of what conscious business ideals could achieve, but did not feel confident in expressing…… Continue reading Enlightened Capitalist

Referral Focus

This is boutique B2B solution marketing done right. And it’s a process that builds a selling pint that’s hard to beat! Referral Focus is a referral generation service that helps realtors source sales. Sounds simple? It isn’t. And explaining the need to a busy audience doubles the trouble. The founder and CEO new they needed…… Continue reading Referral Focus

Simplified Networking

Big messages need a simple concept. This project had a massive message. And it was made up of many elements, with multiple layers of copy, content and structure. To keep these keeps all messaging points under one “umbrella” we had to work hard on the concept, keeping a tight reign on what we said and…… Continue reading Simplified Networking