Enlightened Capitalist

How to build a movement that matters.

Selling an ideal, not just increased profits.

Enlightened Capitalist Header ImageEnlightened Capitalist is a training organisation dedicated to enabling it’s members to grow profits while helping themselves and those around them. Its founder had a grand vision of what conscious business ideals could achieve, but did not feel confident in expressing the benefits to potential stakeholders.

This project required a lot of education. I had to learn about the basics of conscious business theory and what it meant  to those involved, while explaining the basics of concept generation and branding. We all learned a lot!

As part of the roll-out process, I was tasked with developing the brand voice, the site content and layout, the sign-up and on-boarding process, landing pages, squeeze pages, hook documents, email sequences and more.

The result? Enlightened Capitalist was able to launch with a clear understanding of what it stood for and how it benefited its stakeholders. The founder could speak confidently about the processes and services it provided, while the site gave visitors access to the information they needed to take action.


Client: Enlightened Capitalist

Site: http://enlightenedcapitalist.org/


  • branding
  • content structure
  • concept creation
  • content proofing
  • copy drafting
  • copy editing
  • layout
  • industry research
  • lead generation planning


  • four page website copy
  • headings
  • subheading
  • URLs
  • SEO metadata
  • hook document
  • landing page
  • squeeze page
  • email campaign sequences