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Southern Phone is a telecommunications company based in Australia. It’s a little different from a lot of other telcos in the country — it’s owned solely by local councils, keeps all its profits in the country, and is heavily focused on servicing local and rural customers. The customer base tended to be older Australians located in regional areas where phone services were crucial, but sometimes hard to come by. Recently, Southern Phone underwent an intense transition to reach a much broader market. And part of that transition required crafting a content generation program that spoke to this wider audience, without alienating its existing customer base.

Southern Phone decided to include a professional blog as part of this process. The idea was to cover common issues faced by potential customers in an effort to prove the organisation’s authority and willingness to go above and beyond. This process required a lot of ideation and use-case analysis to identify the core personas who would be interested in what Southern Phone had to offer. As well as the specific use cases that would make the company stand out.

We started rolling out content based on personas. I was tasked with coming up a tone of voice that worked for each persona, then identifying specific issues that each persona was likely to encounter, related to the products and services provided by Southern Phone. I then drafted three months worth of content for their publishing system, as well as informing them on how to carry on with the content generation process after launch

The result? Southern Phone was able to spread their influence across new channels, including blogs, newsletters and social media. They had the content that would resonate with their key audience, prove their authority, and encourage interested parties to take action. After the initial rollout, Southern Phone was able to take the entire operation in-house — all thanks to my clear understanding of how their audience thought and what they wanted to hear from them.

Client: Southern Phone



  • branding
  • content structure
  • concept creation
  • content proofing
  • copy drafting
  • copy editing
  • layout
  • industry research
  • content generation planning


  • three months of blog content
  • URLS, metadata, images and more
  • tone of voice & writing conventions
  • ongoing production schedule
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