Find Your Path To Cloud Readiness

A killer concept. With a cool cartoon aesthetic A super-fun project, Red Hat’s “Path To Cloud” campaign required strong concepting, attention-grabbing visuals, and stellar copy to bring home a memorable message. Playing on the “find your path” message, I directed the written content to build on the ideal that, while traveling alone is fun and…… Continue reading Find Your Path To Cloud Readiness

Amazon Web Services

Advise Amazon’s marketing teams on the digital copy best practice for B2B channel partner marketing? Sounds like a fairly simple gig – until you realise that it involves working with one of the largest online companies in the world. This task was instrumental in bringing AWS on board with Elastic Digital’s trademarked promotions platform, now…… Continue reading Amazon Web Services

Simplified Networking

Big messages need a simple concept. This project had a massive message. And it was made up of many elements, with multiple layers of copy, content and structure. To keep these keeps all messaging points under one “umbrella” we had to work hard on the concept, keeping a tight reign on what we said and…… Continue reading Simplified Networking